Hearing Protection

Most people are now using headphones for extended periods of time. This habit is therefore increasing their exposure to reproduced sound, putting them at risk of noise induced hearing loss. Hearing damage is often beyond repair but you can prevent it before it’s too late by using hearing protection with your headphones.

Hearing Protection with Music

Listening to music is a very popular activity. Portable music devices and mobile phones have made it easy to put in your earphones and listen to music on-the-go. The problem is that a lot of people listen to music at very high sound levels, or for long period at lower levels, both of which can cause damage to your hearing. Making use of ambient noise isolating headphones and Hearing Dose Management® can protect the user from inflicting long-term damage on their hearing. LimitEar’s  products have been designed to minimise the risk of excessive exposure to high doses of sound energy.

If you use headphones at work, check our dedicated page on professional hearing protection.

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Electronic Hearing Protection

Find out more about our range of hearing protection products and how they can help you to prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss.

Hearing Protection with Headphones with HDM®Pro

The term Hearing Dose refers to the amount of reproduced sound energy reaching our ears within a certain time.  The Health and Safety Executive regulations state that you can safely listen to an average level of 85dB for up to 8 hours. This is also known as the Daily Sound Allowance or DSA®. Listening to a higher level of sound reduces the safe listening time.

HDM® Pro measures the sound being delivered to headphones and earpieces. It calculates the average dose level and, if it is too high, will gently reduce the volume so that the average level will fall within safe levels.

If you share your headphones with other users, you should use our other hearing protection device: LimitEar-FL™.

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Other Ways to Protect your Hearing

The HearAngel® Smartphone App is a unique and innovative application which measures your exposure to levels of reproduced sound through your headphones or earpieces to allow you to continue listening to sound at a safe volume for as long as you want. The app has two modes of operation:

The adult mode allows you to manage your own exposure to sound and the children’s mode allows a safe sound level to be determined and set by their parent or carer, and also can restrict the time the child can listen to certain apps.

Ambient Noise Exposure Protection

Ambient noise can be more difficult to avoid but you can still take precautions to protect your hearing. If you are frequently exposed to excessive sound levels of over 80dBA, then you should consider equipping yourself with ambient noise isolating Hearing Attenuators.

Which Hearing Protection is Right for you?

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