Hearing Protection for Camera Operators

As a camera operator, you will often be working long days wearing headphones or earpieces to monitor communications and programme audio.

To add to the risks, sometimes you will be working in high ambient sound environments as well.

Long working days mean that the safe average listening level is lower and there is a significant risk that without any monitoring, you will exceed your Noise at Work specified sound dose.

Female Camera Crew behind the camera

Risks for your hearing as a camera operator

There is a tendency during transmission (live or recorded) to gradually increase the level of the various incoming feeds to be sure that we are hearing all messages. This means that the cumulative level in the headphones or earpieces increases with time, and unregulated listening could exceed the safe sound dose levels.

When you are operating in high ambient noise environments, you have to listen at a level above the residual ambient which can often be very high and will consume your safe sound dose very quickly.

In addition, some feeds may come in at unexpectedly high levels. All these scenarios can cause Noise Induced Hearing Loss in the long term.

Camera man behind the camera

Solution to protect your hearing

You should consider using ambient isolating headphones or earpieces when ambient levels are high.

These headphones and earpieces should be fitted with HDM® Pro which will automatically take account of the longer working days and keep your exposure level safe.

The Rapid Overload Response feature will help to minimise the effects of any unexpected high levels.

Stay safe at work

Using these devices means that you will be protected in line with the Noise at Work Act and you or your employer will have maintained any duty of care. These technologies can help prevent irreversible damage to your hearing and therefore should not only be implemented to tick a box, but to protect your health.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you’d like to know more about NIHL and how you can protect yourself and your employees.