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  • Don’t sleepwalk into hearing loss – the damage is irreversible
    LimitEar gets mentioned in an article on hearing loss in the Spectator
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  • Club DJ Oakenfold to front new campaign on dangers of loud music
    World renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold is supporting a campaign to get music-lovers to protect themselves against tinnitus.
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    LimitEar is the subject of an article in The Times.
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  • Turning a Deaf Ear To Silence
    Featuring LimitEar research on headphone usage at work and silence in the UK
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    HDM Pro is the subject of an article in BECTU’s members magazine.
  • 25% of UK workforce at risk of noise induced hearing loss
    Quarter of the UK’s workforce at increased risk of hearing damage due to headphone use at work.
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  • Headphone usage in the workplace puts millions at risk of premature hearing loss
    A quarter of the UK workforce use headphones for prolonged periods at work putting them at increased risk of noise induced hearing loss, according to a study by audio technology company, LimitEar.
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  • Urgent call for employers to address noise induced hearing loss says LimitEar
  • Call for airport and airline employers to address noise induced hearing loss
  • Massive ear damage liability resulting from headphones at work
    Employers are liable, after study finding employees are wearing headphone for nearly two hours at work, putting them at risk of hearing damage.
  • Bosses urged to tackle staff’s noise-induced hearing loss
    Up to 7.6 million British employees potentially at risk of damaging their hearing. Are you putting your agent’s hearing at risk? A quarter of the UK workforce use headphones whilst at work, putting them at risk of noise-induced hearing loss.
  • Sennheiser Intros Pro Hearing Protection
    Broadcasting professionals can now help protect their hearing against noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), while also receiving improved reproduced sound quality, thanks to new technology introduced to the Sennheiser HD25 headphone range.
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