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The use of headphones and earpieces is at an all time high. Consumers listening at home or on the move, professionals working with the latest audio equipment all face one common danger: Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Regular exposure to reproduced sound for long periods of time can cause severe and irreversible hearing damage.

LimitEar Ltd is a UK-based company specialising in technologies that have been specifically designed to help protect all headphone and earpiece users from NIHL. You owe it to yourself and to those around you to embrace safe listening practice and in addition to comply with the latest health and safety legislation.

LimitEar has technologies to suit both individual users with their own headphones (or earpieces) and also those that share equipment.

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Hearing loss is recognised as an important issue by BECTU, as is the risk of hearing health where headphones are shared. 'Hearing loss is a hugely important issue for us at BECTU. Our members are at real risk if they don't have proper protection and, if they share earpieces, also risk their hearing health

Our Range

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HDM®Pro U If you use a set of dedicated headphones

LimitEar® HDM®Pro U for personal use

  • Personal reproduced sound Hearing Dose Management® 24/7
  • Hearing Protection assured*
  • Sound quality unaffected
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to connect
  • Battery lasts up to 1 week between charges
  • Low cost
  • Available for a wide range of headphones and earpieces

* when used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions

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LimitEar-FLTM: If you share headphones

LimitEar-FLTM for shared use

  • Protection for all users who share devices
  • Sound quality unaffected in normal use
  • Simple to use
  • Easy to connect
  • No battery required
  • Low cost
  • Available for a wide range of headphones and earpieces

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AdaptEar®: If you connect to communications systems & radios

AdaptEar® Connects and Protects

  • Connects to a wide variety of pro communications devices
  • Matches sensitivity of earpieces to high power sources
  • Allows simultaneous monitoring of two audio sources
  • Limiter to help protect user from excessive sound level
  • No battery required
  • Return audio path to allow two way communication

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HearAngel®: If you or your children listen on smartphones


  • Designed for use with Smartphones and intelligent headphones
  • Continuously measures the listening period, the content and sound level automatically, to build a profile of your hearing exposure
  • HearAngel® can automatically intervene and manage your listening experience within recommended safe exposure levels
  • Presents the data in the form of coloured alerts on a Smartphone
  • When connected to the web, it can present you with detailed analysis of your exposure and potential risks

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