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What Does It Sound Like to Have Hearing Loss? – Part 2

Written by Stephen Wheatley
28 Apr 2017

Recently, we spoke about what it sounds like to have hearing loss. This is the first of the audio files from the series which we are going to publish.

We are using a selection of text from one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes’ book, which is legally out of copyright, and therefore appropriate for open samples. Using these audio files you can spot the differences, and understand for yourself, what it might be like to have each of these hearing problems.

When we publish an audio file which illustrates a particular type of hearing damaged we will also publish the Normal Hearing file so that you can compare the difference for yourself.

Track 1 is Normal Hearing

Track 2 is what a person with Tinnitus tone at 3.5khz would hear.