Protection Against Noise Induced Hearing Loss

A Simple Device For All Headphone and Earpiece Users

The Health and Safety Executive regulations state that you can safely listen to an average level of 85dB for up to 8 hours. We call this the Daily Sound Allowance or DSA®. But how can you measure this? How do you know when you’ve exceeded these levels?

The HDM® Pro is a simple-to-use device from LimitEar that measures the sound being delivered to headphones and earpieces. Simply connect it to your headphones or earpiece and it will calculate the average dose level as you listen. If your dose level is approaching the safe limit, the device will gently reduce the volume so that the average level will fall within safe levels.
If you listen at a higher average level, the time you can safely listen for goes down. If you listen for a longer period, the safe level goes down; in fact, it’s a direct relationship, so twice the level = half the time, and vice versa.

How the HDM® Pro Works


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Whether you use headphones as part of your job, or simply for recreational use, an HDM® Pro will protect you from the impact of Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

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 The HDM® Pro is best suited for individual use as it is designed to monitor and control the hearing exposure of one person. If you share your headphones with other users, such as in a studio environment, we recommend our other hearing protection device: LimitEar-FL™.

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