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DO NOT USE Call to Action: Parents, Help Combat Hearing Loss

Written by Stephen Wheatley
28 Apr 2017


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Do your children use earphones or headphones?

Are you aware that they could cause avoidable noise-induced hearing loss?

Increasing use of headphones in both children and adults is creating an epidemic of hearing loss that the doctors are just beginning to be aware of.

Earphones are convenient and have transformed how we entertain ourselves. But they are also contain speakers with which we constantly bombard our eardrums. Listening with headphones at more than 60% of the devices maximum volume level for more than 60 minutes a day on a regular basis can cause permanent hearing loss.

If children are using earphones and headphones to listen to music, watch movies, or even for school work at loud volumes on a regular basis, then they are at a constant risk of permanent hearing damage.

The problem is often found too late such as in the case of Matt Brady, who spoke about his hearing loss at the United Nation’s World Health Organisation and International Telecommunications Union Conference a few months ago.

Once your hearing is damaged, it’s damaged. You can then manage it with hearing aids, but it can never be repaired. Children are particularly vulnerable. To protect their young ears, and to prevent the hearing loss from occurring in the first place, HearAngel is working on a solution.

If you are a parent, please fill out this quick survey – – and you could help bring about that solution and help prevent hearing loss in millions of children.

It’s a super quick survey, and shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes.

As a thank you, HearAngel are giving away the HearAngel app for the entire family FREE to the first 1,000 respondents.